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You have your first job. Now what?

Most of the time when you are a new teacher you have only your wits and a district supplied laptop to get through the year. Other times you may be in a district that believes in utilizing technology each and every day by using iPads, iPods, smart phones and much much more. As a first year teacher you will need to navigate the waters and figure out what technology works for you and how to use it.

We will be using the following link to discuss, share, and remember ideas live:

Resources for ALL levels of Technology:

Forms of Technology Provided:
Ideas for Your Classroom
Tools Utilized:
  • Computer
  • Grade Cam for grading objective assessments
  • Evernote for Lesson Plans
  • Create a classroom Twitter account
  • Create a classroom Blog using Kidblog
  • Create a classroom Facebook page to interact with parents
  • Gradecam
  • Evernote
  • Twitter
  • Kidblog
  • Facebook

See All:
  • Computer
  • Digital Camera
  • Create a classroom photo blog. Each day there can be a new photographer and a new journalist. Chronicle the year and the student's learning.
  • Take pictures of worked out example problems and put them on Instagram or post them on a classroom website for students to reference while working on homework.
  • Scavenger hunts for real world examples of classroom learning. For example take a picture of a right angle. Take a picture of two parallel lines. Then use the pictures for students to identify terms or review before assessments.
  • Blogger
  • Kidblog
  • Instagram

See All:
  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Classroom Dojo for behavior management
  • As a class create a word cloud of terms using Wordle or Tagxedo. Project or print the visual for students.
  • Interactive presentation tools such as Prezi, Show Me, and Smart Exchange.
  • Youtube videos to engage students in their learning
  • Timer to visually remind students and keep them on task (available in Smart Exchange).
  • Wordle
  • Tagxedo
  • Prezi
  • Show Me
  • Smart Exchange
  • Youtube

See All:
  • Computer Cart or Computer Lab
  • Socrative student clickers-- Create a quiz and use "Space Race"
  • Today's Meet for interactive discussions
  • Students create Glogs using Glogster to review concepts
  • Research projects using or Symbaloo to investigate sites
  • Google Tools- Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Presentations for interactive group work
  • Socrative
  • Today's Meet
  • Glogster
  • Symbaloo
  • Google Tools

See All:
  • Computer
  • Cell Phones (student supplied)
  • Remind 101- Remind students or parents about upcoming tests, projects, or quizzes. Also handy for coaches to contact players about changes in the schedule.
  • Poll Everywhere for real-time data.
  • Remind 101
  • Poll Everywhere

See All:
  • Computer
  • Ipad (1)
  • Create presentations using Educreations or Show Me. Upload the presentations to the web allowing students to learn or review anywhere.
  • Coachmyvideo to coach students through reading fluency or record evidence of learning.
  • Splashtop to move around the room and control your computer while monitoring students
  • Interactive Word Wall using QR codes
  • Classroom Organizer to organize your classroom library
  • Stick Pick- Differentiate classroom discussions and utilize higher order thinking skills.
  • Aurasma for virtual reality book blessings.
  • Indecision for making classroom decisions by weighing the pros and cons.
  • Educreations
  • Show Me
  • Coachmyvideo
  • Splashtop
  • QR Code Reader
  • QR Code Generator
  • Classroom Organizer
  • Stick Pick
  • Aurasma
  • Indecision

See All:
  • iPad/iPod Touch Class Set
  • Socrative as a student response system
  • iBrainstorm to create interactive word webs
  • Sock Puppets for reviewing concepts
  • ComicBook to create comics to teach concepts. Print the students' creations to hang up in the room.
  • Sling Note to take interactive notes during presentations or direct instruction
  • (see above-- Computer+iPad)
  • Socrative
  • iBrainstorm
  • Sock Puppets
  • ComicBook
  • Sling Note
See All:
  • Computer
  • Personal Smart Phone
  • Classroom Organizer to store and check out books
See Above
  • Teacher Laptop
  • Classroom Laptop
  • Create a Symbaloo with games, links, and resources for "Early Finishers"
  • Create a Glog using Glogster with resources for the unit of study that students could investigate during transitions or for early finishers.
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