Download the Blogging Template Here

Blogging in the K-12 Classroom--Starting Up

  • Type into the browser.
  • Click “Create a Class.”
  • Create a Username and password.
  • Select an email to receive notifications when students post a new blog.
  • Class Name: You will probably want to use your last name.
  • Verify that you are a human.
  • Click “Create Class.” 

Navigating your Blog


  • Create a new class allows you to add a class for each of your periods if you are a secondary teacher.
  • View/Archive Classes allows you to see all of your classes (if you have more than one).
  • Blogging Activity allows you to see comments, posts, and drafts. You can also change the theme of the blog here.

New Post

Review Posts



  1. To add students to a class click “add new users”
  2. I chose to use their first initial and last name
  3. Their passwords were the full first name. You can change their password at any time. This is especially helpful if they change their password and cannot remember it.
  4. You want their role to be “Student”
  5. Your role is administrator so it gives you opportunities and permissions that the students will not have.


  1. This is where you can customize your blogging settings.
  2. I recommend:
  3. General-- An easy to remember class URL. This allows students easy access to the site.
  4. Themes-- your preference...
  5. Posts:
  • Users in the following class. That way a student from another class cannot read posts, etc. Unless this is something you would allow your students to do. If so you can open up the window for a short period of time for an assignment. (if an upper level student wants to share something they learned etc. You may also want to set it as Admin/Teacher only. This would allow you to have a correspondence with a student in private. No showboating to impress friends.
  • Post approval-- You have to read it before it is published. You could comment on it before they submit to fix mistakes. Great for kids that would get embarrassed because of grammar or mechanical issues.
  • Media Uploads-- You may need to limit this because you only have 500 MBS of storage before you need to start deleting.

  • Only I can leave comments on posts.
  • Comment approval- Not a problem since I’m the only one commenting
  • Settings:
  • Student Role: Allow users to edit their profile (change passwords, etc). BIG NO! This will allow them to change everything!
  • Make sure kids sign out! Other students can access and blog as that person. Think about it as stealing an identity!